Beeb Ashcroft

My name is Beeb Ashcroft, and I’m a London-born journalist living in the United States. I have 17 years of journalism experience and began blogging in 2008 as a way to parlay my print media experience into the “New media” realm. I have social media knowledge as both the editor of several popular blogs and in the PR realm coordinating web outreach. As a blogger, I have been featured on KOIN 6 News and worked with brands such as General Mills, Kia Motors, Seagate, and many more – my full portfolio is available here.

I founded Bloggers London in response to the lack of resources for both bloggers and brands outside of the US. As a Brit in America, I am in the unique position of having connections and media savvy in both countries, and aim to bridge the current global gap for PR professionals and bloggers. This site will provide resources & leads specific to Londoners, including information about local conferences and events; for further exposure and opportunities, be sure to check out Bloggers Britain.

Contact Beeb:

Email: beebashcroft@gmail.com
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